Think you have what it takes to be successful in one of these markets?

High fashion industry of NYC. Los Angeles, the acting capital of the world. Internationally in markets like Paris, Tokyo, or Milan. Don't miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime!!

What do these successful IOWA STARS have in common?

Elijah Wood - Cedar Rapids, IA. Ashton Kutcher - Iowa City, IA. Mindy Van Dyke - Pella, IA. Brandon "BJ" Routh - Norwalk, IA. Joel West - Indianola, IA. Corbin Albaugh - Des Moines, IA. And many more!!!
They were all discovered at a convention!

Where did these stars get their start? That's right, the IMTA convention!

Eva Longoria, Josh Duhamel, Sean William Scott, Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes.


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From fashion runway to commercials, soaps to sitcoms, and print ads to the silver screen, the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) is a common thread among many working professionals in film, TV, and the modeling industry. For example, just ask Elijah Wood, Eva Longoria, Ashton Kutcher, Katie Holmes, Jeremy Sumpter, Jessica Biel, Josh Duhamel and Brandon Routh what they all have in common...the answer is IMTA. Or ask models Bradley Tomberlin, Xiao Wang, Ryan Locke, Kim Lemanton, Travis Haukedahl, Renee Allway, Tyson Ballou, Joel West, Jessica White and Michael Altman where they got their start...the answer is IMTA. These are but a few of the careers advanced by attending an IMTA convention. After 30 years and 60 conventions, IMTA remains one of the recognized industry leaders when it comes to the personal development of models and show business talent.

Attendees routinely refer to their IMTA experience as "the experience of a lifetime." As part of the convention, IMTA hosts the industry's leading scouting professionals, whose business it is to scrutinize the new faces and recognize that illusive special spark of the next rising star. An impressive and constantly growing list of discoveries at IMTA conventions makes it virtually impossible to open a magazine, turn on the television, or watch a motion picture without seeing a face discovered at an IMTA convention.

Twice a year IMTA invites a select list of agents, managers, and casting directors to New York and Los Angeles for the opportunity to look at, evaluate, and potentially sign aspiring models and actors. For those who have never attended a modeling and talent convention such as IMTA, it is a phenomenal experience few forget - a week of fast-paced competitions including: - Team and individual singing competition. - Actors compete in monologue, commercials, cold read, theatrical headshot, etc. - Models compete in multiple runway competitions, commercial reads, photography, etc. - Team and individual dance competition. - Team runway/fashion show competition. When not competing, participants can attend numerous workshops and educational seminars taught by industry insiders and professionals. What's the goal of all this high-energy activity and why should anyone interested in this industry attend an IMTA convention? The reason most often given by past participants is that they are stronger as a person for having participated. They also like having the opportunities to learn from the pros, getting a taste of the business they aspire to join, and acquiring experience and self-confidence.



July 8th-13th, 2017

Our group is set! We have 11 models/actors training for IMTA in NYC this July. 

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IMTA Los Angeles 2018

January 9-13, 2018

We had an amazing week in LA for IMTA with our incredibly talent group of models/actors! 18 top 3 competition awards, 6 top 5 model and/or actor of the year award, and two scholarships won. A total of 53 awards and everyone had callbacks! Not bad for a group of 8 from Des Moines, Iowa!

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